Opeth — White Cluster lyrics

Still it came passing by
And fooled me with another day
The pieces weaved together rose the sun
The knocking message called for my life

Soil to skin, my next of kin
Sealed the spell of my scrawny body
Damp air grasped, stole the words
And greeted me with a hiss

This is forgiveness, so I know
I slither for you, and I'm dying
Once I repent I seal the lid
I find trust in hate
They wear white for me

I forge myself into your dreams
Seemingly jaded and lost
And here I am your life

Hangman clutching at his tools

The noose is tied
I will come for you
Plunging into anywhere but here
Murmur through the crowd

As the primal touch brought me back
Cloak captured sighs of relief
And the last thing I did see is still here
Beckoning right behind me
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