Oppressor — As Blood Flows lyrics

Shredding the flesh, bleeing to death
Skinned alive, blood flows, they die

Self indulged by hatred
Resurrection unseen
Can you feel the cold blade penetrate inside you
Blood becomes a river of everlasting happiness
Thoughts now deteriorate
Life will disintegrate

Flow... As blood flows
Flow... As blood flows

Scarred by perverse dreams
Away you bastard dog
Truth becomes all lies
No one seems to mind

Have you ever wondered why?
Your lifes a living hell
Have you ever wondered why?
The tears flow like blood

Cutting with a razor, feeling of sensation
Dripping in the nectar, feeling of perfection
Falling out of organs, the rancid mutilation
Bathing in excrement, feeling the enjoyment

Ripping of the entrails, screaming to exhale
Suffer internal bleeding, can't escape the feeling

Ending of pain, dying in vain
Living the lies, in death blood cries
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