Opus — Shot At The Top lyrics

Here I am, with A pile of papers
There's some letters to be sent
every day wasting lots of time
see no sense see no end
and you know, it can't be forever
you have the wish to make A change
really want, want to get it bettet
its just A step to rearrange
give yourself A move and
do what you must do
your head is full of notions
so it's time to make them true
give yourself A move don't
be afraid, it will be good
for you
youve A shot, at the top
you could be there
if you are ready
its A shot to the top
cause now is the time
to be on your way
(if you just believe
youre on your way)
ask A kid you get some education
only subjects they decide
teaching you to be an average person
what to do, to survive
no ones asking for your passion
that you sometimes have to hide
they take away your imagination
that you need to feel alive
give yourself A move and...
Youve A shot
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