Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio — Living By The Sword. Dying By The Sword. The Lustr lyrics

Let burning rain, pour down, across the land, of Israel
Let flames of joy, dance across, the blazing soil, of Palestine
Let naked flames, adorn the land, of condone, and hatred
Let's end this strife, may triumph arise, may laughter resound, and Jerusalem fall

Let Neutron bombs be their fireworks at new years
Let napalm enlighten the sky and may the grounds be in flames
Let gunfire sound, resound and sound forever until there is silence and everything is forgotten
Let's arise the pyre and one more Holocaust,
Let's end this strife of expandable evil

See David burn, my children, ordained the star, of Israel
Let carrion's clothe, the burning soil, of black and vile, Palestine
Let pyres arise, in the land of excuse, in Israel, land of putrescence
While tomorrow is ours, Arabia burns, putrid and foul, descending to dust
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