Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio — Nature Seeking Equilibrium / War For The Principle lyrics

War; see the blaze of wielding swords
War; raging force of evermore
War; see the blaze of wielding swords
War; earth seeks life, life in war

I snatched a life I killed a bird
An olive branch fell down to earth
Replaced it with a raven crow
With beak and claws and eyes of coal
Peace was dead I shed a tear
White feather bed in blood all smeared


Nature seeks a way to live
War is nature's way to give
Dead white dove fall down to earth
We'll bury you in blood and dirt
Tree of life for long reversed
Peace was death and life adverse


Nature seeks to come to rest
Man has long aversed her quest
See the signs a world in pain
Ruin follows time refrained
Nature always finds a way
War not always brings decay

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