Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio — Rituals Of Love, In The Passage Of Genocide / Song lyrics

War and s** has an intimate connection, seeing that the outburst of war
Extends the collated amplitude and variation of sexual activity amongst
The affected populations

The military state of affairs likewise furnishes the opportunity of
Homosexual relations to a greater extent to that of foregoing peace and
Serenity - necessity knowing no boundaries or limitations

An additional connection ascertains that war is customarily accompanied
By an appending increase in promiscuity and sexual offenses amongst the civilian populations

War transcends ethnic limitations and extends the foregoing practice of
Sexual intercourse with the female residents of the vanquished region,
Customarily by means of rape and molestation

Sister shall rise against sister; Brother shall rise against brother
And all over the world, people shall rise against each other
Sister shall make love to sister; Brother shall make love to brother
And all over the world, people shall make love to each other
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