Orphaned Land — My Requiem lyrics

From the arising of the golden sun
To the gloomy shadow of the moon
The wind still whispers
While I'm standing here by myself
I'm waiting for a sign that could lead me
Away to the land of the divine
But when weariness starts to affect
The eclipse of the sun come to earth
I hide from the sun and try to live
And I know in my heart
(That) this is a life that God can not give
I still carry in my mind
The feeling that I'm blind
I still carry in my mind
The fear that something is behind
Tear, left bare
Rule the whole earth
The dark will rise
I await it's birth - To die
I see gray in the sky
And pray for rain
But the sky slowly becomes blue once again
The spirit of God controls my mind
The divine - The unearthly Lord
He left me a sign - Made me a God
I lie in eternal coldness
I'm trying to find
The thing I couldn't find
Nowhere else in my past life
My spirit sours into heaven
I reincarnate into a cold-black raven
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