Out Of Eden — Lookin' For Love lyrics

Lookin for love, lookin for love,
Lookin for, lookin for, lookin for love
Your heart is broken
And ur wondering
What u can do to ease the hurt and pain u feel
Ur letting these no ones
Get in closer
Tahn they need to cuz ur lookin for love
Wo, oh i'va got a feelin
That no one's told u
No one's bothered at all to give u what u need
So ur out searchin
For someone to hold on to
But u don't know it's right here
If u'd only see
Lookin for love in all the wrong places
Just to find someone who can erase
The hurt and if u could u'r get a potion
The love i've got is deeper than an ocean
Lookin for love u know that i can show u
Cuz what i've found goes on and on and on
And u never hafta worry about it bein gone
Ur on ur own now, doin ur own thing
Say u don't need nobody's help to make it through
(but ur really waistin ur time) ur still lonely
(and u know that ur gonna find)
That ur onl;y left more empty then u were b4
Oh but i'm tellin u
U don't hafta look around
Let me tell u bout the love that i have found
Everything that ur heart needs,
It's just right here, right here waitin
No u don't hafta look no more
Real love is knockin at ur door
Everything taht ur soul needs
It's just right here,
Right here waitin for u
(repeat CHORUS)
Now there's puppy love and crushes,
Such as girls well broke
Goin out and do u like me
Checkin yes or no
Well i wuz lookin for love in the deepest of all places
When i found it on a 2-way street
Lifted in spaces
The status of a broken heart
Eternity while the phony1
Love is life, come and get it while i'm runnin into ----
Since i got most all love and we can feel it in this presence
I got it closer than close,
Why try to reach it long distance
O my friend i'm tellin u
I've been there myself a time or 2
When i wuz just runnin round
To find peace for my heart
When it's been broken down
There's somthing that u need to see
This1 who made u
Loves u pleez believe
It's all u need to get by,
And now ur somebody
So just tell me why ur..........
(repeat chorus 2x)
Lookin for love, lookin for love,
Lookin for, lookin for, lookin for love
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