Outkast — Prototype lyrics

I hope that you are the one
If not you are the prototype
We'll tip toe to the sun
And do thangs i know you like
(hook) i think i am in love again (repeat)

Today must be a luck day
Baby, you are the prototype
Do sumn' outta the ordinary
Like catch a matinee
Baby you are the prototype
I think i'm..............
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If we happen to apart
Lord knows i don't want that
But hey, we can't be mad at god
We met today for a reason
I htink im on the right track now

The scene
Come here

Girl right now i wanna say i wanna say
I wanna say stank you very much
For picking me up
And bringing me back to this world
I can't afford to not record
I thank i wanna say
I thank i wanna say stank you stank you
Smelly much
For picking me up and bringing me back to this world
Hey hey john
Are we recording our adlibs
Really were we recording just then
Let me hear that
That first one

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