Outsidaz — Sign Of The Power lyrics

[Chorus 2X: female singer]
Outsidaz is the sign of the power
Lovin' you, oh baby
Outsidaz is the sign of power
Tauntin' you, oh baby

[Young Zee]
Cats trynna diss, got me in Whoop Ass Anonymous
Wit a bad case of droppin' kids that's poppin' shit
Stop it cause, I get the money
I say I'm Young Zee, I fuck girls that talk country
My girl got a crib and a range
Low budget hoes trynna knock ya game
Like did Courtney Love kill Kurt Cobain?
From close range, turn his brain to shrimp lomaine
Cats make you wanna bash their mouth
Til you AWOL'in out the half way house
We rock til it's time to fuck to go
Fifty Outsidaz throwin' up the O, it's the sign


Rougher than rugby
Your girlfriend talk about this cuz she love me
She know I got money
So quit wit the rah rah, lookin' at me funny
Before I make the situation ugly, buddy
I don't wanna wild and leave ya chest piece bloody
Besides my girl more chocolate than chunky
Sweat the perm out, leave the bedroom funky
Whispered in my ear, said she only wanna fuck me
Ride around, give me head in the buggy
I3-20, song sound lully
When we go wild, it's my rhyming design
Throw up the Outz, it's the sign of the time


[Yah Yah]
It's like now we probably teein' off like Howie
Seein' stars geein' off, best be beatin' off my sty-lee
I ain't the one that set you up wit a scuzzy
Trust me, I bust you and ya bosom buddies
Outz great flows that annihilate foes
Frontin' days found out I violate hoes
Outz all carry gats, and test more drugs than laboratory rats
Fuck how you niggas wanna act
I slaughter cats off sacks fattest quarterbacks
Guns cock back, crackin' all of that, it's more than rap
Bless my turf, and all those curse
Cuz how it is in the heavens, it shall be on earth
But til the subside, you tough guys and for a rough ride
Like DMX's squad, when I puff lye, plus ya
Hotter than San Fernando Valley out in Cali
Realer than clear Muhammad rallies, throw up the sign


I'm sure you heard all the rumors
D.U.'ll flows stay nighty like Kaluma
Turn around and battle ya back
Dramatical acts, this is mami of Samuel L. Jackson
Take 12 aspirin's then start gaspin' for breath
Nigga don't do it to ya self
Liquid Snake, Metal Gear Solid dick
Knock a man off a cliff watch him land in a pile of shit
Telepathic, Capri's dolphins, I teach often
Wit a heart Stone Cold like Steve Austin
Revelation's settin' dates of verse now
Throw up the O, it's the sign of the times

[Chorus to end]
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