Ozzy's Angels — Soundtrack Ozzy's Angels The Movie lyrics

It's the fact about the living,
'bout the dying, 'bout the giving,
'bout the sharing, feeling fine.
Yeah, we are fighting crime!

If you think you can defeat us,
you can kick our ass and beat us,
You could never be more wrong,
'Cause we are fucking strong!


We're gonna kill ya,
We're gonna move ya,
We're gonna bust ya,
waste ya,
thrill ya.

'Cause we are tough girls,
'Cause we are rough girls,
'Cause we are smart girls,
Hard girls.

If you're helpless and a victim,
with bad business in the picture,
caught with danger all around,
lying helpless on the ground.

You should call for Ozzy's Angels,
We can handle any danger.
We will help you, fight the crime.
Bad girls on the GOOD SIDE!
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