Pansy Division — Rachbottomoff lyrics

Heґs a virgin from behind
Heґs not as curious as me
He never even stuck a finger up his butt
Just to see how it would feel
But now heґs trying
To broaden his horizons
Once you get to know the feeling
You get so hot you could spray the ceiling
Heґs into classical music and classical tastes
Heґs got a classical butt and a classical waist
If ancient composers get him off
Then just call me rachbottomoff
Rock, rock, rock, rachbottomoff
I wanna rock, rock, rock his bottom off
Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock, rock, rock, rock
He was having second thoughts
He was scared that it would hurt
So he practiced with a dildo
To see how that would work
At first he was unsure
And then the breakthrough occurred
He felt freed and empowered
Now heґs ready to be deflowered
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