Paperboys — Last Lieutenants lyrics

*yeah, hold on, shit, so smooth, ya..*
Ey yo I love it when the sky's blue
I'm leaning heavy to the side when I slide through
Red in ma eye, you know how I do
Ready to ride, me and my crew, veterans high
We keep the medicine inside let me guide you
Were fly tool splitting hash with cynics
Coz they don't wanna let these bastards in it
Filling marihuana passed the limit
We've been ignored for these past few minutes
Now I'm sure we're the last lieutenants
We get the cash printed while backpackers getting pissed
Telling me I can't be rapping to this
I've got the snap of an immaculate wrist
Keep it cracking in this natural mist
To make it happen, get my track on the list, I'm not an activist
I play it cool, the type that likes to stay in the pool
With weed swaying through ma molecules
I follow jewels while running with rum
That's where I'm humming it from
Coming like,
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