Paralysed Age — Self Control lyrics

On the night is my world
City light painted girls
In the day nothing matters
It`s the night time that flatters
In the night no control
Through the wall something`s breaking
Wearing white as you`re walking
Down the street of my soul
You take my selfcontrol
You got me livin` only for the night
Before the morning comes
The story`s told
You take my selfcontrol
Another night, another day goes by
I never stop myself to wonder why
You help me to forget to play my role
You take my selfcontrol
I, I live among the creatures of the night
I haven`t got the will to try and fight
Against a new tomorrow
So I guess I`ll just believe it
That tomorrow never comes
A safe night I`m livintg in the forest
Of my dream
I know the night is not as it would seem
I must believe in something
So I`ll make myself believe it
That this night will never go
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