Pat Mcgee — Rebecca lyrics

Whos got all the answers to questions that rebecca has?
Shes been cluelessly wonderin just how long she's been had.
She knows more than you or me, but she never thinks she's wrong
It seems the tables are turnin
Shes found herself hurtin for oh so long

Does anybody out there want to help rebecca find the clue to life?
I guess she's feels that she's the victim and we are the knife
There is a price you pay when you put on that face and roll the dice
One day soon you'll realize the world aint that nice

Are you alright? Are you ok?
Does anybody give a care around your way?
Will you be alright after we go?
Will you tell me someday cause I'll never know

Everybody knows that you can't read the writing on the wall so don't come in
Even you and I know you can't and you wont want to start it all over again
Why don't you just travel down that line, cause we don't have to let you in
Well you seem to think you know it all, let me tell you something - you can't win


Hey rebecca this is your pilot speaking and you're about to land.
I hope you got all the answers and youve come to understand
That people and things are always going to change and you can't stop them now.
But just one thing before you go, will you look back and let us know.
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Songwriters: PAT MC GEE
Rebecca lyrics © EMI Music Publishing