Paula Abdul — Crazy Cool lyrics

(peter lord / V. Jeffrey smith / sandra st. Victor)

Sitting, chilling, thinking about you babe
Youre like a long, cool glass of lemonade
Bitter, sweet and I want you so bad it hurts
You complete my life
And you quench my thirst, s***

S*** feelings just come over me
Playing with my dress like a summer breeze
Gentle as the touch of a falling leaf
You open me up to love
Now I gotta believe, gotta believe

Nothings too good for my baby
Anything you want be free
Its the least that I can do
What youve given me, given me

Cause I'm cool, crazy cool
Crazy cool with you
In this groove, crazy groove
Back act a fool
Hey I'm cool, crazy cool
Youre crazy cool with me
In this groove, crazy cool
Everything you need, s***

Laying in the grass
Writing poetry
Looking up at the midnight sun
When you're making love to me
You showed me just how cool
Crazy cool can be
Now I know the meaning of ecstasy, ecstasy


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Songwriters: St. Victor, Sandra Kay / Smith, V Jeffrey / Moreland, Peter Lord
Crazy Cool lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC