Perfect Stranger — Fire When Ready lyrics

Does it bother you to have my feet on your desk
Please take it as a sign of no respect
Your office was open, thought we'd have a little talk
Here's something you can stuff in your suggestion box

[Chorus:]: You're a bonehead jerk, yeah, I said it
I'd been doing all the work
You've been taking all the credit
Shooting me down, riding me steady
Come on, boss, fire when ready

I know you can't let me go without due cause
And I wouldn't wanna see you breaking any laws
I could lay down on the job when I'm not home sick
But the more I think about it, this oughta do the trick


I could've given you notice, sent you a memo
Or written you a resignation letter
Saying I quit, I've had it, that's it
But this just feels so much better

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