Peter Kingsbery — I'll Send Them Your Way lyrics

You want my love
Tell me what have you to give?
What can be done
When I've my own life to live?
All that you want
Is very hard to come by
No one knows more than I

Who's got the time and the place
And the shoulder to cry on?
For all the trouble we face
Just someone to rely on
Show me the love of a friend
And a dream to get high on
And I'll send them your way

Only if I could
It's not that my heart does not bleed
But where shall I look
To find all these things that you need?
If you were but one
That somehow had come to me first
I could not quench your thirst

(Repeat Chorus)

Bring to me all that you've lost
And looked forward to
All that you've found
To be just out of reach
And I'll send them your way
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