Petula Clark — There Goes My Love, There Goes My Life lyrics

(Petula Clark, Hubert Ballay, Tony Hatch, Jackie Trent)

How could you forget the taste of love
When I can still remember?
All the words we said are wasted
Now, it's just a dying ember
Every thought we shared together
Disappeared without a warning
As the book is closed forever,
So the truth is slowly dawning
There goes my love
There goes my life

In your arms, such sweet seclusion
Only fate knew it was leading
To a heart full of confusion
Was it just a false illusion?
Maybe even you believed it
Victim of my own creation
There you were and I conceived it
So much for imagination
There goes my love
There goes my life

Echoes of your voice surround me
Sympathetic smile's still taunting
Memories of you around me
Shadows of the parsed light haunting
Guilty of complete devotion
Sentenced to a life of longing
Prisoner of my own emotion
Wanting you but not belonging
There goes my love
There goes my life
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