Phil Joel — Take My Heart lyrics

Today's another day
Let's forget about yesterday
Tomorrow's another way
To distract us from now
So here we are
The day is young
What will be? What will become?
I'm gonna let You decide
I'll be me and You be You
Why do I confuse the two?
I gotta swallow my pride
Take my heart
Take it all
I lay my life down at Your feet
'Cause I want what You want for me
Take my heart
Take it all
Today's another day
This tomorrow's yesterday is now
We're only one breath away
From it all falling down
So, let's scatter those dreams
The ashes of our own opinions
Here's to good health
Selfish ambition
Creates our own custom religion
I'm so tired of myself
Bring it on
Bring it on
Oh, Lord
I want what You want for me
Whatever it takes
Whatever You want
Bring it on
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