Phimore — Together lyrics

Who's gonna tell me when I'm ready
To go out and do the things
That I know you want me to do
Who's gonna tell me when I'm old enough
or smart enough
Whatever makes the difference to You

Maybe I'm not ready
Maybe I'm not ready..

I live my life for You
It doesn't matter what I gotta do
I'd gladly give my life for You
'Cause I know that You love me
And I'm so in love with You
As long as You're with me and I'm with You
Together there ain't nothin we can't do

Who's gonna tell me when I've
Grown enough to fill the shoes
That my heart tells me you want me to wear
When will I know when I'm old
Enough or smart enough
Does anybody really even care?

Maybe I'm not ready
When will I be ready?

Father I love You and it's ok with me
If You take my life and use it as You please
I don't have alot to offer you
But this one thing I know is true
If You're with me then I'm with You
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