Planet Smashers — Blind lyrics

There's something wrong something so very wrong
That's all that I know
Sitting up all night yeah I'm up all night
Where did my composure go
Everything is racing
Try to understand this
What have I started?
My passion takes advantage
On and on and on again, Underrated.
How could I have been so blind?
I've missed the signs so many many times
Took it all for granted yet another mistake that I can't retake,
Blew all of my chances I'm only dreaming
My heart keeps scheming but I could never notice,
Notice that she's something, she's something,
She's something, she's something underrated
I've figured it out yeah I've figured it out there's nothing I can do.
'cause it's too late oh it's too late at least I know she's something
She's something, she's something,
She's something underrated
How could I have been so blind?
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Songwriters: LORD, JON
Blind lyrics © EMI Music Publishing