Poema Arcanus — Winds Of July lyrics

[L: Claudio B. M: Igor L. And Claudio B.]

I'm in the abyss edge, betrayed and disappointed
There's no reason for tying me to the organic

I want to change... From the matter to the energy
A pure gloom's feeling, pushes me to the darkness

Agnostic winds whisper in my ears, erasing my blame.
Human; avoid me the suffering, animal; rip my flesh

I look to the past and I didn't leave traces in the way
My shadow leaves me and the sun denies me it's light

I'm just a dry leaf ready to fall, and the winds of July drive me
..... To my destiny

Tears are the clouds, which hide the stars
Begins the red rain, but I don't have fear

Dear death... Hug me with your legs
Give me peace, your blackness is my rest!
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