Politically Incorrect — You Ain't The One For Me lyrics

Girl your the center of my irony
Cause you sure as heck ain't the one for me
Though you were as hot as a whistle, and thin as a pin
Girl lovin' you was as sure as sin
And I'm not quite sure where I have been

[Verse 2:]
Though it was fun at first it didn't last
Cause there wasn't nothing you put me past
You called me a thief, and named me the liar
But Now I'm Taking One Road Higher
You may be on a roll, but I'm on fire

[Verse 3:]
I'd pay a billion of anything to be freed
Cause girl you ain't even got me half-weak-kneed
But girl you think your the one for me
But girl you ain't the one for me
But I think I found the one for me
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