Poor Righteous Teachers — Butt Naked Booty Bless lyrics

[Culture Freedom]
For those that can't be themselves shall be destroyed
Verse 1
[Wise Intelligent]
Students listen to the lesson I be teaching.
Learn by Holy Intellect cuzz it's a blessing.
Teachers study what is spoken through the speaker.
Weaker preacher there's no need for manifestin'.
I'm the star soul controlin' all within the solar.
Poor... So I'm a righteous teacher from the heart.
Praise your god. All praises due to Allah.
Seven star the holy intellect being taught.
Grab a hold I'm not here to promise any gold.
Lessons told the story about a trader of that type.
I tell this mic that I'm not here to feed your fantasy
Cuzz that ain't right.
I guarantee ya everlasting life...Mentally.
The holy intellect is infinite.
Have more sense ???????????????
I destroy ya any man that posseses ??????
Then watch his brain cells boil.
PRT Poor Righteous Teachers Culture Freedom and me .
It's got to be.
The holy intellectuals of the set.
But don't forget.
We also drop Butt Naked Booty Bless,
But now we test this-holy-intellect.
[DJ Father Shaheed] scratches
Holy...holy...It's awright!!...pure...pure (3x)
Verse 2
[Wise Intelligent]
When I say holy first I must be speaking upon the mental.
My temple.
Where might I stay within Divineland?
Gods steppin' up to me say
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