Powderfinger — A Song Called Everything lyrics

How many more times will you say that you love me
How many more times will you wake up beside me
You think that you told me what I'd like to hear
But I think you should tell me how you really feel

I'll be your pawn, I'll be your king
I'll bear your scorn, I'll wear your ring
Our feet won't hardly touch the ground
We'll float away without a sound
You want to reach out and touch my hands
You promise you'll do everything, everything, everything you can

Now how does it feel that I strung you along
You're bound to try to conceal that maybe you had it wrong
There's too many true feelings you've had to contain
When you wake up tomorrow will you still feel the same
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Songwriters: Fanning, Bernard Joseph / Collins, John Andrew / Haug, Ian David / Middleton, Darren Stuart / Coghill, Jonathan Robert
A Song Called Everything lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Universal Music Publishing Group