Primer 55 — Lou Evil lyrics

Open up the door and come in.
I take off my coat
Take a good look, take a good look around
Tip toe across the room
But I take my time
Because I抦 in no hurry
I've got all night yea-

Won't you spend time with me? All night,
Just you and me, candle lights, red wine, our time
Here in the city.
I love your company, all night, just you and me
Let's dine, unwind
Our time, here in the city.

Still waiting, so I proceed
Two steps to the bar
I take a glass, pour myself a drink,
Turn the music on real low
This will do just fine, set the mood for me.
Set the mood right yea-

(repeat chorus)

I hear movement in my bed.
And I feel the urge, should I proceed?
I said should I proceed?
I stumble down the hall, to the bedroom door.
Open it just a bit, so I can see you

(repeat chorus)

Here in the city
Biding my time, losing my mind
Things I can't hide, no longer inside.


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