Prince — 2 Nigs United 4 West Compton lyrics

Serve it up, Frankie

This is precisely what I intend 2 do, honey

Honey, do you know I let Robert cut my hair this morning?
(Honey, look at this one here) (I'm lookin' Joe tryin' 2 see)

Oh girl, where'd you get those shoes?

You know he had me lookin' so bad (Honey, she's so free)
I'm so tired

These are "come-and-fuck-me" pumps (Who, Robert?)

Maurice thinks: (Mm, I think that's right, honey)

Go on up 2 her, say something

Maurice, what, what can I serve you? (Umean he's male?)

Baby, I swear 2 God if you don't kiss 'em
I'm gonna kick your super natural a**!

Frankie, play something, b***h!
(Squirrel Meat!)

Uh! Don't try it!

Cat, what's happenin' babe? (b***h, would you play something?)

Get outta my face! (Honey, it's not that type of party)
(Talk 2 me, talk 2 me - do you remember me?)

What cha mean? (Honey, he could teach you the answer 2 life)

Honey, you see these pumps? (b***h!)
(Answer? Honey, you ain't gonna quit)

I wanna, I wanna: (Who you callin' b***h? Ho b***h!)
I want you 2 meet some friends of mine (b***h!)
(Frankie, play somethin' - s**t!)
(Who you callin' ho b***h? Black ho b***h!)
No, no - U'll like them
They're, they're musicians

2 nigs united 4 West Compton [x2]
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