Prince Paul — Back To The Lab (Feat. Wordsworth) lyrics

Look there goes dexter
And there goes his sister Dee Dee
Oh no!!!
Wonda what their gonna get in to today
Uh oh back to da lab again
Oh no back to da lab again
We messed up back to da lab again
Not again back to da lab again
Uh oh
Dexters in da lab again
Makin up anythin he's imaginin
There goes didi his sister
He always argues wit her
She thinks she knows it all cuz she's older and she's bigger
What ever dexter wants he just goes and creates
Robots doesnt't'tmatter the size or da shape
Hes always doin crazy tests or makin a mess
And if they don't come out correct
Then you know what happens next
Dexters labrotory he can always count on it
To get him into trouble or to get him outof it
Sometimes if he needs didi then he'll use her
But dexters only true best friend is his computer
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