Pro-pain — Let Live lyrics

On our quest for liberty

Can we live as one?
Got stuck here in survival mode

And the worst is yet to come
We passed the point of no return

As we watched the world go mad

If you've only got yourselves to blame

Well, that's too fuckin' bad

Kill time all day

At best you're wasting away

Breakdown defense

Lash out and break some fuckin' sense

Cause life ain't what you're worth

It's what you are

Ignorance is plain to see
And that they can't deny
They'll end us all eternally

For the pain they put us through
Now it's a case of Do or Die
We pray they seek forgiveness

No need to clear the conscience

They put the blame on you

A life to take

The choice is yours to make
You took enough, now fucking give! What now? Let live
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