Pro-pain — Put The Lights Out lyrics

Bout time you showed up

I was just about to count you out for giving up
When we were young we talked about the same things

Lyrically redundant, mentally stimulating
We sure knew how to ride a crowd

The cops showed up because the music was loud,
But that's what being sixteen was all about

Step into the ring and swing and put the lights out

Six hundred rushed the stage

The crowd in a frenzy the band in a rage

Kick a little homage just for the old times

To spread the gospel and bust out a new rhyme
Gotta wonder what's next for the encore

Maybe some hip hop maybe something hardcore

Toughen up enough to throw your body out

Everbody move and put the lights out

Whe reap the pros in pain

A shock for the body and food for the brain

Power to the people who shook the cage

I'll make you ponder the thought succes
Read the fine print and turned the page

Could be a quality you possess
Get off your ass, don't be a burnout
Step into the thick of things and

Put the lights out
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