Profyle — I Ain't The One lyrics

Girl you should know
Play around with fire and you might get burned
You must be insane

Think that I'm a hoe
Playin' me for easy, sleezy baby you should know
That ain't the way I roll.

Don't play dumb
When u know u want some
U ain't gonna get it
Baby u know i ain't the one.

He was your man but he's my bestfriend
I ain't gonna hit it
Baby u know i ain't the one.

I just can't understand
Why u wanna go behind the back of my bestfriend
Messin' around wit me
You must be insane
Don't u realize the game done reckonized it's game
So face reality

Chorus (2)

Get it no... get it no (repeat 4)

I ain't crazy (I ain't crazy babe) this is all too close
Don't try to play me (Don't try to play me like a fool) cause baby I ain't
The one
Don't play dumb, when u know u want some.
He's my bestfriend
He's your man.

Chorus (3)
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