Project Pitchfork — Antidote lyrics

Blood in my veins. Pumping pumping pumping
A strange kind of numbness. In my head and in my legs
Maybe years ago a tiny sting. Released a chainreaction
I'm watching gloomy to. And this makes me want to scream
I need the antidote. So please be my antidote
And let us be the antidote. For this kind of brain - paralysis
All these liars and palliators - canonize the destroying doings
And what you see is a caricature. Of how bad it really is
Increase of economy - by force of arms. Military services - in a nuclear reactor
Asylum - for big earners only. And tomorrow we fire god
They've got their own language. To express their destruction
Sweet rippling words. For growing growing growing
Hypnotising headlines shall make. You drowsy drowsy
That's the way they want you to be. 'cause that's your function
Wake me up. 'cause time is slipping away. The term is nearly at the end
But the more you change yourself. The more you change the others
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