Propagandhi — Stand Up And Be Counted lyrics

We are the tyrants, messengers of Satan
We pledge you all raise your hands
This is the solstice hail, legions arise
We'll raise the roof, touch the skies
We're praying for the wings of mayhem to arrive
The screaming fury burns brings us alive
Stand up and be counted
Stand up and be counted
We are the demons 'Children of fire'
Your turn has come, live your desire
Burning ambition were, were staying wild
We stand as one, never denied, defiant and proud
We stand together metallic and loud, we will fight
Devastation, pure hell legions of the night
Come on, raise your hands
We are the black metal gods V E N O
Fucking M, are you with us right until the end?
Come on right at the back
You wanna be counted as well?
Stand up, and be counted
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