Pulley — Scab lyrics

There ain't shit on tv, i got no new pornography.
I got to find a reason to want to stay alive.
Not a word is heard i said,
I might as well just stay in bed.
To find a better way, i doubt i'll even try,
Just another boring story, about a teenage waste of glory.
Trapped in a town, gonna drag you down, my life is such a mess,
I cannot help but feel depressed.
I doubt that anyone would miss me if i wasn't around,
I don't need to know about the things in life that i can't find.
I don't need to know about the things i left behind.
I'm just a lazy slob, i should go out and get a job.
But i won't cause i know that my rent is paid.
I'm a big procrastinator, i can always do it later.
My friends all tell me that i got it made,
It doesn't really matter. what i have to say,
No one's fucking listening anyway.
So until my days are done, or it's no longer any fun.
I'm gonna bore you to death. life is overrated,
I really want to be sedated.
But i change the channel, and i'm watching days of our lives.
It's so sophisticated, watching programs that i hated.
But i guess it's better than working 9-5.
The life that i'm living, it ain't really living.
But i guess i could be working., so i'm free and clear.
So my only friends tv will always keep my company,
As i am watching soap operas downing cheetos and beer!!
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