Pushover — Everyone, Everything lyrics

Is there something wrong
With missing you too long
Cause giving up ain't in my head
Everytime you go
I'm wanting more and more
To let you know I need you here
Something I can change
Before you go away
I'm in love with no one but you
Find another way to show you that I care
I know you've been thinking too
Our lives collide
My world's upside down
Everyone, everything
Anyone you want to be
I want to go along
Talking while you dream
Admitting everything
I want to know why I love you so
Judging by your face
I've taken up your space
I only want you in my life
You could make me feel
As I was something real
I'm thinking about you day and night
Such a lonely start
I'm giving you my heart
Cause I don't need it anymore
How happy could you be
Now no one's wanting me
Cause I'll be fighting til I die
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