Queensryche — Right Side Of My Mind lyrics

Hey, are you okay? Better luck on another day. This path some werent meant to follow.
Youre curious I can see, always looking behind the trees. Keeping one eye on tomorrow.

Re-engineer your head, is really what the door mouse said. Push the lies away.

If you take time and look for clues... Scrape the shit off your shoes, you'll feel the real today.

Id love to take you to see what I see there, on the right side of my mind.
On the right side, on the right side... Of my mind.

Hey, one more thing, these things are hard to explain. For some, it seems strange to swallow.

The frontier of our minds is the last place we find, but maybe the first place we should go.

Id love to take you to see what I see there... On the right side of my mind.
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