Quick And The Dead — Trying Is The First Step Towards Failure lyrics

Dry your eyes (Dry your eyes)
It's only the first time
That we've been beaten to the ground
Well I've drowned that sound out
I'm alive (I'm alive) if only for tonight
My fears can get the best of me
'Cause I'm sick of being free
I'd love to think I'm alone
(You're not alone in this world)
Failure is plan B
I guess I'll die here alone
(You're not alone in this world)
The first step towards failure is trying
Dry your eyes
It won't be the last time
That I will have let myself down
It seems I've found that
I'm a lie (I'm a lie) if only for tonight
I hear you calling out to me
'Cause your grace has set me free
But I swear I'll try everything
[Bridge x2:]
To be in your arms
To know your grace
To have your love
Within me
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