Quinton — Lets Go lyrics

Girl I know ur feeling me(oh)
And you don't want to be lonely(no)
Baby I know you want more of me
By those units you steady shootn me
Girl ur so fly cause you caught my eye
I'm not gone front & lie
So this time wont pass me by

Baby girl come closer, cause I want ya
Are you feeln me yo, well girl lets go
Lets make the best with time
Real girls are hard to find

Lets just take a ride (lady I'm so justified)
And girl ur so fine, I wanna make you mine
Don't let this fade into memory
Cause it aint easy to get with me
Its getting cold, girl take my coat
I'm not trynna getta quick (uhn)
Its just the fact, you looking good


Girl jump in ferrai
Cause I want you to come with me
Baby come tour with me
Where times are all good with me
(the way love should be)

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