Radio Iodine — I Am lyrics

I am your one true voice
I am your only choice
I am the air you breathe
I am the fix you need
I am the salt you sweat
I am the high you hope to get
I am your driving force
I am the need for more and more
I am your private hell, your sweetest smell
Your constant, changing voice
I am your best advice, your darkest night
Your silent, raging noise
I am, I am
I am, I am
I am your waking thought
I am the prize you want
I am the one who cares
I am your rocking chair
I am the hope you seek
I am the force you think you need
I am your heart's desire
I am the one to take you higher
Ease back into my embrace
Ease back let me touch your face
Ease back into my embrace
Ease back let me soothe your rage
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