Radney Foster — Tired Of Pretending lyrics

"Tired Of Pretending"
Radney Foster/ Stephany Delray

The silence is deafening
It's drowning out the truth
And killing every good thing that we try to do

It's so polite 'round here
It's hiding any fear
That we don't talk about
We gotta shake that demon out

I'm tired of pretending
That everything is gonna work out just fine
I'm tired of pretending
That no one's gonna get hurt if we just stand by
While we're decending
I'm tired of pretending

It's an amazing thing
All the lies you tell
They don't do anything but help you fool yourself
Starting today I'm done
I'm through holding onto some dark secret that we keep
I've bitten my tongue until it bleeds

(Repeat chorus)

Tag: While we're descending, this lie that we're living
No happy ending
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