Rainer Maria — The Reason The Night Is Long lyrics

Oh the reason the night is long
Is very simple.
Oh i miss you when i'm at work.
Oh and i miss you when we fight, and you leave.
Honey, i confess, i stole your heart.
And honey, i confess that it was criminal.
But i've been captured, i'm paralyzed.
And i've been disarmed by your charm.
Oh the reason the night is long is very simple.
I imagine, tonight, that we can get along.
That nothing i can do with you is wrong, tonight.
But if i'm careful at sunset, if i'm mindful at dawn,
(clouded minds up north could
Sometimes produce rain and lightning. )
If it's ok to touch you,
It's alright to think "electricity".
Oh the reason the night is long is very simple
Maybe it hasn't been so long.
Maybe this dim time is just twilight.
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