Randi Laubek — Leave It All Behind lyrics

This morning
Quite early
I woke up to a change
The warfare is over
I can't take it another day
Weve been fighting far too long
Tonight I'll pack my bags
I have made up my mind
I'm leaving it's fine
We both deserve better
This was a fruitless tree
We need some good vibrations
Some go
Some energy
I'm sure there's greener pastures and luck for him and me
I have made up my mind...
Lets leave it all behind
Lets leave it all behind (get ahead get over it)
Lets leave it all behind
Get ahead, get over it
At least we tried
So pick me up at seven
Ill spend the night with you
Its all right
Well swan dive
Its the right thing to do
Now it makes sense
This so intense beauty between you and me?
I have made up my mind. I'm leaving it's fine.
Lets leave it all behind... Etc
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