Randy — At Any Cost lyrics

I choose my priorities with a consious careful mind. I recycle batteries, glass, cans and paper all the time. I try to finical in what I support and I'm strict in what I eat. I don't eat any animal products I don't wear them on my feet. I choose not to participate in things I don't like. I don't care for the price is high as long as I know I'm right. But appearently not everybody acts and thinks this way. And correct me if I'm wrong, but things is getting worse here every fucking day. Not at any cost at any time will I betray myself, talk the talk and walk the line. Not at any cost at any time and not for anyone. I don't make excuses for being who I wanna be. And no sub personality system can either change or threaten me. Their acclaimed net of protection the military and the police. Is just a token of something fundamentaly wrong with this entire human breed.
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