Randy Stonehill — I'll Remember You lyrics

I'll remember you
No, this isn't just another town
I'm passing through
Though I might not know you all by name
The way I feel is still the same
I believe the lord has brought me here
And I'm glad I came

I'll remember you
And I'm sorry that the time
We have is almost through
But the special thing that means so much
Is knowing we can really touch
I can tell just by your faces that you feel it too

What happens to our lives
They slip away so fast
We turn around to find we're older
Everybody's getting older time won't wait
Our hearts are crying out
For something that will last
If you listen now
There's A still, small voice at your shoulder

And before I go
There is something very special
That you all should know
For the lord of love
Is here with you
And he'll fill your hearts
If you ask him to
And I'm proud to be the one
To share the happy news
I'll remember you
He'll remember you
He will remember you
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