Randy Stonehill — Lonely House lyrics

I want to tell you everything
Tell you who I am
I need to be the one you trust
And take you by the hand
But when I try you pull away
And I don't understand
Here we are in the lonely house
We can't talk about it
Because the anger might come out
Here we stay crying hidden tears
Days turn into years
In the lonely house
The lonely house
We can touch but even then
It doesn't bring us close
All the things we've left unsaid
Hover like a ghost
To be a stranger in your arms
That breaks my heart the most
[repeat chorus]
There's a shadow in the room
There's a shadow in the room
Let's just ignore it
Though it's choking out the light
We're too afraid to fight
So we'll ignore it
And hope that someday
It will just fade away
Here we are in the lonely house
And it's sad but true
I can't say these things to you
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