Rapture — The Vast lyrics

Something's quite not right
Again sleep escapes me, far away
You're the whisper in the back of my head
Teething, serrated and smiling

Knee-deep in this hopeless wreckage
A heartbreak
To tear me apart
Swallowed by the vast, all-consuming
Demanding you here

This uncontrollable hell
A lightless abode
A sleepless complete black
Where ghosts come to me
Through every hole
In each and every wall

Wish i could just sleep
Wish i could explain
Wish i could change the way of things
Wish i would fall away

It's a slow closure
A cold shape crawling behind me
A storm approaching
A darkness always closer
I ever thought it could
Can never see it coming

The world i'm in is empty
Outside i think i choke
Somehow i can't help thinking
There is no place for me

(the noise in my head won't leave)

"all fled--all done
So lift me on the pyre
The feast is over
And the lamps expire."
[Robert E. Howard (1906-1936)]
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