Rasmus — Small lyrics

If I could be the king of this planet
I would order some more.
Making rules is not the easiest part of it,
That's a thing that I know.
Can see the mess,
Which has cost so much trouble.
Then I guess that it's
Poison which bubbles.
I'll say it loud,
That I'm not proud
About the kind of situation.
Asking help from assholes with power
Is one way to betray.
See trashes double in hour.
Scaring, I would say.
Human race will be judged by the devil.
That's the last thing I want.
To face the destiny 'n' choke in this reef.
Be crushed, you're so weak.
Keep laughing to the end of my world.
I know I'm feeling so small,
Don't shame it at all,
With pleasure I tell you my friend.
Keep laughing to the end of my world.
But it's here and itХs now,
I'm gonna tell you somehow,
Then I won't say even a word.
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