Ray Boltz — Bought With Blood lyrics

Bought With Blood
Words by Ray Boltz, Music by Ray Boltz and Steve Millikan
Said the poor man to the rich man
Sitting in the shade,
They say that you have money
They say you have it made
Did you know that I have riches, too?
Perhaps you cannot see
Theres no greater treasure
Than what He paid for me
Bought with Blood, not with gold
He gave His life to make me whole
Theres no doubt God is love
For my soul was bought with Blood
Said the rich man to the poor man,
I believe what you have said
And he brought him to his table
And then they broke the bread
He said, Friend, you are my brother
We are equal in Gods sight
And they fellowshipped together
And sang throughout the night
You can keep the silver
You can keep the gold
Give me the treasure
Buried in my soul
Chorus (repeat)
1994 Word Musicascap (a div. Of Word, Inc.), Shepherd Boy Musicascap (adm. By Word, Inc.), and Weedom
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