Ray Stevens — Your Bozo's Back Again lyrics

What do you say when you write with no words?
Feel a song that's never been heard?
(sing it)
How do know if you did it all?
What do you do when you've done it all?
[Bridge]Cannonball (cannonball)
Cannonball (cannonball)
[Chorus]It's not what you do
It's how you do it.
Be anything you want to be
It's not what you got
It's how you use it
You be you
And I'll be me
It's just a matter of style
You can fake it
Mile after mile
Feeling free
If you got the soul
You can make it
Move-em out (move 'em out)
Let 'em roll (let 'em roll)
From sea to shining sea
Ball (ball)
Cannonball (cannonball)
What do you do if a mountain is there?
(move it)
How do you answer to a challenge in today?
(take it)
When your back's against the wall?
(fake it)
What do you do when you've done it all?
Cannonball! (cannonball-cannonball)
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